How Much Does Health Coaching Certification Cost?

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Did you know that there are more than 22,000 health coaches currently working in the United States? Health coaches help their clients improve wellness indicators like tobacco use, stress, sleep, and more.

If you like helping people, a health coaching certification may be just what you need. Health and wellness coaching certification programs help you gain the knowledge and expertise needed to work with clients.

At Catalyst Coaching Institute, we offer wellness coach training and certification. But if you clicked on this article, you are probably curious about the cost of these programs.

Today, we are guiding you through exactly how much you will pay to get certified as a health and wellness coach. We will also guide you through the available financing options. Learn more below.

How Much Does a Health Coaching Certification Cost?

Health coaching degrees and certifications can cost up to $17,000. At Catalyst Coaching Institute, the total cost for wellness coach certification ranges from $3,060 to $3,560. This amount is close to the cost of the popular life coach certification.

Here is how that price breaks down.

Certified Wellness Coach Training Cost

First, you must undergo wellness coach training. We offer Certified Wellness Coach (CWC) training for the flat price of $1,992. This payment includes the following:

  • A two-day online training event
  • 12 interactive wellness webinars 
  • 3 practice coaching sessions
  • Small group practice sessions
  • Online final exam 
  • A Practical Skills Assessment

When you complete this training course, you will receive the designation of Certified Wellness Coach from the Catalyst Coaching Institute. This training is approved as a Health and Wellness Coach Training and Education Program by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). 

Master Certified Wellness Coach Training Cost

Once you complete the first training program, you are eligible for the Master Certified Wellness Coach (MCWC) program. This training program will prepare you to sit for the NBHWC certifying Examination. The NBHWC is the premier certifying organization for U.S. health coaches. We offer the MCWC at a flat price of $1,568. This payment includes the following:

  • 9 two-hour virtual training sessions
  • Interactive night courses
  • 12 recorded wellness webinars
  • 36 contact hours

The cost for the certification depends on whether you pay for the program when you register for health coach training or pay for it separately.

Registering for both programs together costs only $3,060. Registering for each program separately will cost $3,560. As you can see, you can save $500 by registering for both programs at once.

Financing Options

We offer six-month financing for our MCWC training program students, using PayPal’s six-month interest-free financing.

That means that as long as you pay off the cost of your program in six months, you do not have to pay interest.

Benefits of Wellness Coach Certification

Health coaches often use the Wellness Wheel with clients to focus on the eight dimensions of wellness. These dimensions include:

  1. Emotional Wellness
  2. Spiritual Wellness
  3. Intellectual Wellness
  4. Physical Wellness
  5. Environmental Wellness
  6. Financial Wellness 
  7. Occupational Wellness
  8. Social Wellness

Studies show health coaches can actually make a difference for their clients. Plus, health coaching does not just work for generally healthy people. Individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes may also benefit.

Health coaches can help people improve their blood pressure, better manage their blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight, and even improve cardiovascular fitness.

But what are the benefits of getting a health coach certification for you? We are talking about a few of them next, so keep reading.

Good Pay

Health coaches can earn anywhere from $29,000 to more than $50,000 per year, depending on the state they work in. For instance, Alaska pays the highest health coach salary in the U.S. at $51,983 per year.

California, Maryland, and Delaware are also high-paying states for health coaches. California pays an average health coach salary of $49,737 per year, and Maryland and Delaware pay a little over $45,000 per year on average.

States to avoid as a health coach include Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. These states pay health coaches the lowest at an average salary of $29,000 to $32,000 per year.

Also, keep in mind that these are only averages. That means some health coaches will receive more pay while others may receive less.

Strong Employment Opportunities

New York, California, Arizona, and Tennessee are home to cities with the highest demand for health coaches in the U.S. New York City tops the list, followed by, surprisingly, Franklin, Tennessee.

Additionally, the unemployment rate for health coaches is on the decline. The unemployment rate for health coaches is now on track with the national unemployment rate of around 3.5%.

Healthy Demand

The health coach industry is growing. Most health coaches work for large companies that have more than 1,000 employees. And the majority of these companies are in the private sector.

The highest demand for health coaches comes from the healthcare industry. While that might not be a surprise, the other industries demanding wellness coaches in droves might.

Insurance, technology, and non-profit companies are also among the top industries that employ health coaches.

A Diverse Industry

Nearly 10% of health coaches in the U.S. identify as LGBTQ. Health coaches also tend to be bilingual, with 64.8% of health coaches saying they speak Spanish in addition to English.

While white health coaches dominate the industry, health coaching is a relatively diverse field: 16.2% of health coaches identify as Hispanic or Latino, 7.3% identify as Black or African American, and 6.1% identify as Asian.

Women dominate the health coaching sector. Almost 80% of the industry consists of women.

You may also be surprised to learn that 54% of health coaches are over the age of 40. Meanwhile, 27% of health coaches are 30 to 40 years old, and only 20% of health coaches are under the age of 30.

Are You Ready to Become a Health and Wellness Coach?

A wellness coaching certification can cost $3,560. But when you sign up for our CWC and MCWC training programs together, you will save $500.

Are you ready to start training to become a health and wellness coach? Our nationally accredited courses are waiting for you. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and start your new career journey today!

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