How Difficult Is Earning Certified Wellness Coach Certification?

You’ve made the decision! On either a part-time or full-time basis, you’re ready to pursue a career as a Certified Wellness Coach. Congratulations – but now what? Some of you may remember Steve Martin’s comedy routine about “How to be a millionaire and never pay taxes.” His advice? First – get a million dollars.

A career as a Certified Wellness Coach is similar. First – get your CWC certification.

But what does that involve? How does it work? How long does it take? We have all the details on our website, but here are the basics to get you started…

  • Time Involved – 2 months or more, depending on your level of commitment. If you’re motivated and have a few hours/week to commit to the process, then you can likely complete your CWC certification in approximately 2 months. If you prefer to spread it out over a longer time period, that is fine too.
  • Prerequisites – None required. Yes – it’s helpful to have a clinical background. It’s beneficial to have a natural interest in your own life about health and wellness topics, but that’s not a necessity. And yes – a college degree and/or other certifications can be helpful in launching your career, but we have not restricted the process based on those aspects.
  • Steps to Completion — The answer here will vary based on whether you select the FastTrack or the Distance Learning option to earn your CWC certification. The FastTrack includes 2 focused days of on-site training and practice with other students and mentor coaches. The Distance Learning option includes all of the same training and practice sessions, but is broken into modules that you will complete at your own pace. Regardless of your preference between the above two options, you will complete a written and practical exam prior to earning the CWC designation. Please don’t let this frighten you. If you take the training seriously, then you’ll do just fine on the exam. If for some reason you have “one of those days,” then you’ll receive specific feedback and the opportunity to re-take the exam – and there’s no additional cost involved for you.

At that point, you will have earned your CWC as a Certified Wellness Coach and will be ready to get started!

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