How Are You Different?

When it comes to wellness and wellness coaching, how are you different? It’s easy to assume we are credible and that our differentiators are obvious since our close friends and family members think “we’re great.” However, what happens when someone who doesn’t know you personally considers engaging your wellness and wellness coaching services? When there’s no relationship, what is the outcome?

At the Catalyst Coaching Institute, we spent some time last week working with an organization that is putting together something called a “Splainers” video for us. It’s a 60 second cartoon that will (we hope!) clarify for our potential students how we are different from the other wellness coach certification options available in the industry. You see, as we looked back on the past year, a pattern emerged among those who selected us for their training: A large percent of our students already knew us (at least to a point) before they ever visited our website. They were either referred by someone else who had previously earned their CWC through the Institute or they were Physical Therapists who knew us as being the established choice for PTs/PTAs pursuing wellness coach certification.

But what about everyone else? Different story. Which is why we took the time to sit down and clearly identify all the various ways in which our credibility differentiated us from the other options available to potential students. It was an intriguing exercise – a valuable exercise – and one we’d encourage you to do yourself.

For someone who doesn’t already know you personally or professionally, how are your wellness/ wellness coaching services different from your potential competitors? What makes you more credible than the others in your area? These may include your training, background, testimonials, specific offerings, convenience, scheduling, pricing, complimentary services (ie, Health Risk Assessment, ongoing group challenges, etc) or even your own wellness story.

Don’t assume (as we were unfortunately doing) that everyone knows about your differentiators. Think them through, write them down, and target ways in which to share them with your potential clients!

Small step… big impact.

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