Health & Wellness Coaching Covid-19 Thrive-vival Kit

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This is a difficult time. There is a great deal of uncertainty all around us. In addition, as health and wellness coaches, we’re not only addressing that uncertainty in our own lives and that of our family and friends. Rather, we want to be there for our clients during this time when they need us most. It’s easy to put our heads down and shift into survival mode.

However, we’re health and wellness coaches. What if, in the midst of this, we didn’t just look to survive but instead looked for ways to potentially even thrive (and maybe even help those around us do the same)? With that idea at the forefront, we’ve put together a Health & Wellness Coaching THRIVE-VIVAL Kit comprised of links to a handful of freely available tools and resources to help us all make the most of what we are all facing right now…

Out of the gate, here are two documents our team composed specific to the current circumstances:

Next up (and perhaps this should be first up), we bring the focus back to our personal vision for 2020. Circumstances change constantly, which affect our goals and certainly our plans. However, contrasted with goals and plans, a vision remains constant. It’s the northern star on the darkest of nights. If you have a personal vision, now is a valuable time to revisit it. If not, maybe now is an opportunity to begin developing one (or helping our clients work through the process). Here are two resources to get started:

For those who enjoy podcasts, we’ve selected four additional episodes from the Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance Podcast library that may be particularly beneficial right now. You can access all four via Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Stitcher, etc. Links below provide direct access for ease:

  • Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist Dr. Sohail shares key Covid-19 insights about what we know, what we can be doing, and why there is reason for optimism –
  • Dr. David Katz, an individual many of you know from his involvement in the health & wellness community, provides a different perspective on the Corona Virus –
  • Need a boost or some encouragement to start your day? We just launched the Monday Morning Catalyst, a 5 min spark to launch your week off on the right foot. The kick-off episode is available here –
  • Times of change often provide the opportunity for positive (or negative) change. This recent episode features Dr. Wendy Wood, best-selling of Good Habits, Bad Habits, to provide the latest tips and research on the topic –

Finally, a few additional resources/ideas that may spark an interest either now or at some point in the future in your role as a health & wellness coach:

  • One of the most common questions we receive is about what books we recommend for health & wellness coaches. As a result, we put together a list to get you started. It’s far from comprehensive, but may provide a good starting point from which to build –
  • We recently launched the new Health and Wellness Coaching Channel on YouTube. Here we’ll be providing brief videos covering what health & wellness coaches are seeking to grow their toolbox, knowledge base, programs and practices. From sample coaching sessions to tips on how to price your services and everything in between, we’ll be building a library of resources for YOU to make the most of your career and life. You can subscribe here – and if you have any special requests of topics you’d like us to include in the future, feel free to send our way.
  • Finally, a little exercise to consider (again – for yourself or your clients): The “Letter to Me.” Times of struggle can provide an opportunity to learn when accompanied by personal reflection. If there’s an area you would like to approach differently in the future based on what we’re learning now (finances, relationships, schedules, etc), consider writing a letter to the future you about that area and the way in which you’d like to approach them as things “get back to normal” in the months ahead.

This is not easy for any of us. It is a difficult time for everyone – and none of us are immune to the discouragement, anxiety, and questioning that accompanies all that is happening around us right now. At the same time, if we turn our sights toward THRIVE-vival rather than simply survival, maybe we can help others do the same. It’s in the midst of the darkest hours that we have the greatest opportunity to shine our light. Let’s shine together…

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