Grit and Mental Toughness Optimizers

Mental Toughness… Grit… Perseverance… these characteristics have an immense impact on how the path opens up for us (or our wellness coaching clients) as we make our way through the journey of life.  However, if Mental Toughness (MT) or Grit is just something we “have” or “don’t have” (like hair color, height or shoe size), then is it really worth a discussion? If we don’t have any control over it, then who cares?

That’s where Mental Toughness Optimizers (MTO) and Grit Optimizers (GO!) come in. Additional research is being done to identify specifically what behaviors actually enhance our abilities in this arena. While that research is coming together, here are a few of the key items we’ve hypothesized fit into the GO! or MTO categories:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Activity/Movement
  • Baseline fitness levels
  • Sense of Hope
  • Stress Management
  • Peers

More to come, but if you would like to see your or your wellness coaching client’s Grit/Mental Toughness enhanced, start with the above. They may not all turn out to have a direct correlation, but they certainly can’t hurt!

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