Follow the (Wellness) Leader?

As a wellness coach, much of our focus is on listening – tuning in and then drawing out those things that are most important to our clients.  We’re experts in our areas, and our modeling of healthy living is certainly important when it comes to being an effective coach.  We are leaders in this arena of health and wellness – the way we’re living our lives does make a difference.  However, we’re not the “only” leaders.  Rather, it can be very beneficial to help bring attention toward the “other” leaders that exist within the lives of our clients.

If an area of emphasis for our clients is healthy eating, who at their worksite is known for healthy eating habits?  Encourage your client to spend some time with that individual – to essentially follow that person in that specific area.  Are finances an ongoing struggle?  Who could they seek out among their friends who has managed their money effectively over time and wouldn’t mind providing a little advice? Are they feeling stressed about a certain area of life like parenting? Which of their friends appears to have picked up some beneficial strategies in that specific area?

When we want to enhance our results in any area of life, one of the best things we can do is to seek out and follow in the steps of an established leader.  The same is true for our clients – but it may be up to us to help open their eyes to the opportunity!

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