Field of Play?

In a previous post, we encouraged you as a Certified Wellness Coach to address the F5 with your clients.  This allows you to go beyond just food and fitness to address the other important aspects of life.  In that same post, the area related to your client’s (or your) profession/work life was identified as “Field of Play.”

When you initially introduce this concept to your clients, you may receive a little push-back on this description.  Your clients will likely buy into the idea of their hobby fitting into this description, but work? What does that have to do with a description like “Field of Play”??  When this push-back occurs, simply smile inside and enjoy the discussion.  It’s an important one!

So why use “Field of Play” when discussing work or professional pursuits?  The first is a reminder that we’re on “the field” by choice. Yes, there are a few exceptions to this, but generally speaking, we are choosing to work the job we’re in.  If it’s a terrible job or you have a terrible boss, etc, then this discussion may be the most important you’ll ever have with your client to launch their new year.  It’s foolish to suddenly quit and walk out the door.  However, this may be a great time to chart out a new career path, laying out a 1-3 year plan that will result in a new position or company down the road. If your client feels he or she is on the wrong field, what better time than now to begin charting a course for a new field?

The second component to the Field of Play aspect is that of a game, or competition.  No player would ever step onto the field without a plan of action – a strategy for moving forward productively in the desired direction.  And yet, outside of a handful of Executives and top level Managers, the vast majority of the population goes to work each and every day with NO PLAN.  Just do what you’re told, get through the day, and then repeat the process again tomorrow.

What if you were to help your clients – REGARDLESS of their position, title, etc – set a strategy for this month… this week… today – in their career path.  What would be the result of doing so consistently over the next 12 months?


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