Explain the CWC Designation

A common question we receive from wellness coaches is what exactly the CWC designation represents.  We’re glad you asked.  The CWC designation is the primary certification provided through the Catalyst Coaching Institute.  It represents completion, on the part of the recipient, of the requirements to become a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC).  This process involves a comprehensive on-site training, complimentary live, on-line modules, as well as both a written and practical exam to insure high quality across the board.  The entire process takes as little as 3 months, depending on your schedule.  Or, if necessary, you can extend it to up to two years, if desired.

Is the CWC appropriate for you?  The answer to that question is dependent upon your plans.  While the education received as part of the certification can prove to be beneficial across a broad range of situations (as a parent, spouse, supervisor, etc), it is typically most valuable for the individual who actually plans on pursuing a career as a wellness coach.

The CWC letters are often utilized by coaches earning certification in their marketing materials, business cards and email signatures.  It provides instant credibility as a Certified Wellness Coach.  This is similar to that of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Manual Therapist (MTC) and other highly respected professionals.

Certification is often the first step for an individual who desires to become a wellness coach.  Beyond simply credibility, it also provides the critical educational foundation to master both the art and science of becoming exceptional as a coach.  Typically, the next question asked focuses on how to actually get started running a business as a wellness coach.  While we do address some of the aspects of running a successful business as part of the training, we recommend referencing Wellness Coach Catalyst ( http://www.wellnesscoachcatalyst.com/)  for more details.

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