ELECTIVE: Coaching Through a Crisis with Suzanna Cooper

One of the privileges of wellness coaching is that our clients are sharing with us the reality of their lives. But sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and our clients are in the midst of a crisis situation. There are no right answers in regards to how to respond to every situation, however planning ahead for the unexpected will help us decrease our own anxiety and maximize our impact in walking with a client through a difficult time. Real life scenarios will be shared on topics such as the death of a loved one, recent medical diagnosis, divorce, job loss, alcoholism, infertility, etc. In addition, we will discuss behaviors and signs that might indicate depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. The emphasis will be on what is our role as a wellness coach, what is the best way we can help, setting appropriate boundaries, and processing difficult sessions for our own self-care.

Suzanna Cooper is the Chief Learning Officer for US Corporate Wellness and the Co-Founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute. Her background is in Psychology and Occupational Health and she has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

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