Functional Mental Toughness Certification (fMTc)

Specialty Certification - Functional Mental Toughness/Resilience (fMTc)

This one-of-a-kind certification is taught by the creator of functional mental toughness, Brad Cooper, PhD, MSPT, MBA, ATCr. The 11-module program integrates a combination of video, webinar and podcast elements, along with a personalized case study reviewed by a Catalyst mentor coach to insure application. You will learn to distinguish resilience, grit and fMT, how each support one another, and tap into a plethora of tools and resources to help your clients build and enhance their mental toughness (and thus resilience and grit). Integrating your new knowledge into your coaching practice will provide you with additional opportunities to serve executives, athletes and elite performers while also offering ways in which to support any client in moving their life forward in a positive direction. In addition, you’ll add the fMTc specialty certification to your credentials, clearly demonstrating your advanced training and further differentiating your coaching skills.
Full specialty certification just $375 (limited time offer)
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