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Stress Management and Coaching

Stress Management and Coaching

This program provides participants with a “big picture” view of what it means to successfully manage stress. The presentation is chock full of valuable information, tips and clinically proven strategies that you can utilize to help both yourself and your clients cultivate a holistic stress management program that is health protective and sustainable.  Upon completion of the course participants should ideally feel increased confidence when facing a coaching conversation about stress management and have more coaching tools when discussing this important aspect of wellness.

This course is taught by Laura Henelund, M.A.  Laura has her Master’s Degree in Health Psychology and 9 years clinical experience as a biofeedback therapist (clinical stress management and relaxation specialist).  She has been involved the field of stress for over 20 years and has been dubbed “The Stress Guru” by some!.  She maintains a private stress management and relaxation training practice working with both individuals and groups.