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Built Environment & Wellbeing (CEC)

Built Environment & Wellbeing (CEC)

The Built Environment & Wellbeing course is designed to bring insight and awareness to Wellness Coaches about the impact interior environments have on our clients’ health and wellness. You will learn the impact that factors, such as Thermal Comfort, Lighting and Views, Acoustics, Biophilia, Color, Clutter and Organization, and Ergonomics, have on our wellness. The instructor addresses steps you can take to improve wellness in each of these areas of the built environment. She will talk through case studies, coaching scenarios, and coaching tips and questions to help you, as a Wellness Coach, identify when building-related issues may be affecting your clients.

The instructor, Chris Hughes, is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Registered Architect, and Interior Designer. She is a professional wellness coach, mentor coach, and instructor for the Catalyst Coaching Institute as well as a practicing commercial designer. She is excited to share this topic that brings together both sides of her professional life, so coaches can recognize in their clients and themselves when aspects of the interior environment are both positively and adversely impacting their wellbeing.