Coaching Research Minute – Sleep

Is sleep quality/quantity a frequent topic of discussion with your clients as a certified wellness coach? If not, you may want to move it up the list :-).  If so, here is a brief overview of some valuable research and assessments on sleep you may find helpful…

  • One of the often referenced studies on comparing lack of sleep to alcohol consumption:
  • Here’s an Harvard Business Review column that provides some food for thought for managers, executives and business owners:
  • Here’s one that’s certain to garner attention – the Denver Post highlighted a study showing that ADHD may oftentimes not be ADHD at all, but rather lack of adequate sleep!
Are you looking for a sleep assessment? There are quite a few out there.
  • Here is one called the PSQI that’s widely used:
  • Or – here’s an online assessment from WebMD that gets a little more into the practical elements:

Sweet dreams – for you and your wellness coaching clients!

UPDATE of interest: The morning after this blog post, the following article was highlighted in my LinkedIn feed. Excellent summary of key points in regards to sleep:

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