Can Physical Therapists Charge Medicare Patients for Wellness?

Since so many Physical Therapists and PT Assistants are pursuing their CWC (certified wellness coach) certification, a common question we receive is “Can Physical Therapists Charge Medicare Patients for Wellness Services?”


However, there are some caveats to that answer.

  1. You CANNOT BILL MEDICARE for the wellness services as wellness (provided by PTs) is not a covered Medicare benefit.
  2. You CAN see Medicare patients for wellness if you have no relationship with Medicare
  3. You are not required to participate in Medicare but you can’t opt-out either (please consult Medicare for the details with this confusing requirement)

There is an immense need among the Medicare population for wellness services.  And with the aging population expanding daily thanks to the “Baby Boomer” generation, that need will only continue to grow.


Thanks to Ann Wendel for providing these details.  You can access her blog at

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