Brave vs. Bold

Is there a difference between being “brave” and being “bold” in our professional pursuits, health and wellness targets and overall daily life? Absolutely.

Bravery is essentially “who you are.” Words like grit, discipline, resilience, willpower are some of the positive descriptors that would fit into the bravery side of the equation. These characteristics provide us with the tools we have at our disposal as we make our way through life. High marks on the “brave scale” puts you in the position to accomplish more and scale greater heights in all aspects of your life.

Boldness is very different. It’s a critical moment component. It’s how you choose to respond in the moment of truth.  Being bold is an active choice you must make, and your decision in that moment will have a significant impact on your future, whether that future involves the next 5 minutes or the next 5 years. Bravery provides the opportunity to be sitting at the table. Boldness determines what happens at the table.

As a certified wellness coach, you not only face these two critical components in your own life. Rather, you’re also seeing them come to the forefront with your coaching clients.  Many of the core areas you’ll help your clients develop over time are likely to be focused on the area of bravery/grit/willpower. That’s important. In fact, it’s the baseline from which their long-term health and wellness will grow. However, in the midst of the focus on bravery, don’t forget the critical component of boldness. It’ll likely be the element that helps your clients move from “getting by” to “getting it done.”

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