Best Podcast for Health and Wellness Coaches Video

Hello everyone – I’m Dr. Bradford Cooper, host of the Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance podcast. If you’re a coach or are considering heading that route in your career, we’d love it if you’d check us out. Back in 2018, we looked around and saw plenty of health & wellness related podcasts, but most of them focused in on fads and headlines rather than providing an engaging emphasis on the evidence.

We set out to change that, and as we are set to release our 100th episode, you’ve made us the #1 podcast for health & wellness coaching and we really appreciate it.
If you’re not familiar with the Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance podcast, our guests include best-selling authors like David Epstein and Kelly McGonigal, world class researchers such as Dr. Wendy Wood and Dr. James Prochaska, as well as elite level athletes and coaches like multiple time Ironman World Champions Chrissie Wellington and Rinny Carfrae or Training Peaks Founder Joe Friel and the Mayor of Running Bart Yasso. They’ve all be so kind to share their time and insights – and from your positive response, I guess the host hasn’t kept you from enjoying this incredible lineup of guests 😊

You can find us via any podcast outlet. We look forward to continuing to move toward “Better Than Yesterday” with you for many years to come. Thanks again for being such a big part of this journey together.

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