Always in Beta?

Whether you’re currently providing wellness services or are considering doing so in the future, it’s all about helping our clients toward a life that is #BetterThanYesterday. It doesn’t matter where we (or our clients) are today but rather what we’re doing today to optimize tomorrow. The words from a powerful new ad campaign sum it up well:

Beta is a state of relentless improvement.
There is no finish line.
We dream. We wake up.
And improve upon yesterday.
Always pushing. Always pursuing better.
Failure is a test. And sucess is not an end.
We are constantly evolving.
There is no end to what we become.

As a Wellness Coach – or someone headed that way in your career or as a compliment to your current clinical role as a Physical Therapist or other provider – this is our role! However, the likelihood of having a positive impact is much higher if we’re doing the same thing in our own lives. This does NOT mean we need to be the perfect examples of health and wellness. But it does mean we need to be making the same effort toward #BetterThanYesterday on a personal level.

One month from now, the entire world will be talking about New Year’s Resolutions. These are more like “New Year’s Talking Points” than actual resolutions, but our opportunity remains the same. Why not make a resolute commitment to begin the #BetterThanYesterday move today. Think of the difference that will make, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us as well — including our potential future clients.

Go get ’em Champion!

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