Coaching Research Minute: Adjunct to Primary Care

As a Certified Wellness Coach, maybe there’s an opportunity to partner with a Primary Care Physician to enhance outcomes and quality of care. This one is specific to health and wellness coaching and Physiatrists, but application is clearly much broader.


Coaching for Behavior Change in Physiatry (Frates, E. P., et al., 2011. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation).

Behavior modification is vital to the prevention or amelioration of lifestyle-related disease. Health and wellness coaching is emerging as a powerful intervention to help patients initiate and maintain sustainable change that can be critical to physiatry practice. The coach approach delivers a patient-centered collaborative partnership to create an engaging and realistic individualized plan. The coaching process builds the psychological skills needed to support lasting change, including mindfulness, self-awareness, self-motivation, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy. Preliminary studies indicate that health and wellness coaching is a useful and potentially important adjunct to usual care for managing hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cancer pain, cancer survival, asthma, weight loss, and increasing physical activity.

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