Catalyst Coaching Institute – The First Name in Coaching

At Catalyst Coaching Institute, our goal is to provide health and wellness coaching certification programs that enrich lives – for coaches and coaches’ clients. Our passion is guiding and supporting those who are fully committed to maximizing their skills as health and wellness professionals.

Our Mission:

To equip passionate individuals with the knowledge and support needed to spark lasting behavioral change through effective health and wellness coaching.

Our Certified Wellness Coach program is the ONLY health and wellness coaching certification approved by the country’s leading review boards:

  • The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
  • The National Athletic Trainer’s Association’s Board of Certification
  • The American College of Sports Medicine.

The Importance of In-Person Training

When developing our programs, we purposefully chose not to place “convenience” above “effectiveness.” As you review other certification alternatives, you’ll notice the majority are available only online. While we understand the importance of convenience (which is why we also offer a distance learning option), we believe the health and wellness coaching certification process is maximized through in-person training with seasoned wellness professionals and a dedicated mentor.

Certification Pathways

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