The Deceptive 2-Step

“I don’t need to track my steps. I exercise every day – I’m plenty active!” Even active people should track their steps.

You’ve seen the recent research about the deceptive 2-step, right? The data showing a likely correlation between sitting time and all-cause mortality? The studies pointing to “Sitting as the new Smoking” and similar attention-grabbing headlines? Many of us in the health & wellness industry (and beyond) thought we were immune. We’re plenty active, right? Well… maybe. Or maybe not.

While I’ve certainly encouraged others to “track their steps and aim for 10,000/day,” I’ve never done it myself. As an endurance athlete, I’m fine, right? Earlier this month, I started using a Forerunner 935 for my training and it just happens to track steps. Guess what? While I’m averaging a comfortable 11,000+ steps/day, the devil just happens to be in the details. Yes – I’ll compile 8-13,000 steps if I have a run scheduled that day, but during the remaining 23 hours, I may add a total of just 1,500 -3,000 steps!

Wake-up call? Indeed. If you, as a certified wellness coach, happen to fall into the same “I’m fine” category, it might be worth checking to see how you’re really doing – those other 23 hours of the day…

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