5 Ways to Boost Your Health and Wellness Career in 2019


Tips on establishing a clear vision of your professional goals as a health and wellness coach for 2019 and beyond

In addition to the personal New Year’s resolutions you may have, you may also have career-related goals that you’re aiming to achieve this year. In the context of health and wellness coaching, here are five ways to help you move ahead with your professional goals:

  • Clarify your vision (“Who” before “What”): Too often, we create goals based on looking at another person and wanting to be like him or her. While having mentors and role models is worthwhile, remember what you are likely already helping others to do: helping them become the best version of themself. What are your strengths? How are you unique? What professional and personal goals can you create around becoming the best version of you?


  • Lay out your desired timeline as a coach for the next 12 months: After you’ve established your goals around who you want to become, start working on the what. What are the specific goals you have for health and wellness coaching, and what action plan will you create around them? Creating a concrete month-by-month timeline will help you hold yourself accountable to the end result you’re trying to achieve.


  • Complete your wellness coach certification: if you haven’t already taken the important step of becoming a certified wellness coach, the new year is a great time to find an opportunity to do so. Whether you’re just starting out with wellness coaching or you’re an established coach, there are many benefits of adding a certification to your resume. If you’re looking to take things a step further, consider exploring the NBHWC National Board Certification.


  • Looking to start your own coaching business? Create a second timeline: maybe you’re already in the health and wellness industry, but you’re looking to establish your own coaching business. There will always be excuses not to start a new business, which is why you may need a second timeline in addition to the one we talked about in step 2 that has even more specific action items of what and when. How will you take the small steps needed along the way to create this change for yourself?


  • Create your own “Board of Directors:” Those timelines can be great tools in keeping yourself on track, but inviting others to hold you accountable can be even more effective. Who are the friends or colleagues who act as your sounding board or best sources of advice? Maybe someone in your circle is looking for similar accountability in their own goal-setting, allowing you to check in with one another on a regular basis.

Still not sure of the best way to get started? Schedule a free consult and let us help you. Whatever your goals may look like in the months ahead, here’s to a new year of health, wellness, and professional growth.

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