Wellness Coach Catalyst

We're pleased to provide you this very low risk – high reward option. For as little as $5/client/month, you can launch your entire program with no long term commitment. If it's not providing you an immense value to grow and enhance your business, you can discontinue at any time!

Services included in the Wellness Coach Professional Package

  • Professional Email Address @WellnessNation.com
  • Administrative Coaching Portal through www.WellnessNation.com with a personalized contact/info page for your business that you can customize at any time
    • Customized site will be set up as www.WellnessNation.com/YOU, with your preference inserted instead of the "YOU" (your name, your company name, etc)
  • Professional user portal for each of your clients (just $5/month/client total - you can add as many or as few clients as you'd like over time - you are only charged for registered clients)
    • This provides you with a HIPAA compliant-ready, easy to use tracking system for each client. In addition, you'll be able to confidentially review and support progress toward their goals, identify specific resources of value, and much more.
    • Complimentary bonus: We now provide each of your clients with access to a high-end Health Risk Assessment used by some of the largest firms around the globe. You can schedule this with them annually as part of your service. In addition, this special version can be edited throughout the year as they make positive changes with your guidance, providing an updated "score" from which to progress over time.

There are two steps to confirming your membership and locking in your customized account. Complete the information requested below, submit your payment, and you’ll be ready to get started!

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Number of clients
($49 per month for up to 10 clients, $20 per month extra for each extra 5 clients)

Three Month Trial:   $49
Following Months’ Total:   $49

You are welcome to discontinue services at any time the value of the services is not exceeding your investment level. Simply cancel future payments prior to your billing date and you will no longer be charged for any future months (which are billed on the same day as your original registration each month). No refunds will be processed for partial month usage and termination of site access will take place upon cancellation.