Viewing exercise as a lifestyle is an outlook everyone can use to build a healthy life now and in the future. This course addresses necessary questions to help clients remain active as they age:

  • What are some easy ways to share exercise principles with clients?
  • How should we address questions from older clients regarding safe exercise practices and exercise as you age?
  • What are realistic exercise and stretching goals for our clients as they age?

This webinar addresses all these questions and more, including helping clients through menopause and other symptoms of aging. We also cover educating clients on what to expect, the benefits of staying active, and how effectively and safely remain active.

Course Instructor:

Susan Marino, CWC

Susan has been a Wellness Coach for US Corporate Wellness since 2010. In addition to being a Wellness Coach, she is very active in her community and truly lives the concept of “exercise for a lifetime” in practical, real-life ways.

This class is included in the CWC certification program but is also available a la carte.