Know Your Numbers

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, BMI, …. each year many people go through a biometric screening, collect these numbers, and forget about them. During this course, you will gain an understanding of what each of the results means, and how to educate your clients about their importance. You will also come away with proven and practical tips to share on how to improve these numbers through diet and exercise. What you learn will give you confidence when helping your clients get as healthy as they want to be! This course will be taught by Duane Claassen. He is a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine and worked in family practice medicine for almost 30 years. Duane has been a wellness coach for US Corporate Wellness since 2011, so he brings a unique perspective to this topic.

Exercise and Coaching

Being in the wellness industry you may feel that you have a good grasp on exercise, and yet talking about exercise in regards to coaching is a different animal. This exercise webinar will discuss exercise and how it relates to wellness coaching by giving an overview of exercise terminology, laying out a specific approach to talking through an exercise program with your client and how to be aware of and move around the obstacles that can come up starting, restarting or maintaining an exercise routine. Liz Brown is an experienced certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and wellness coach that will offer ways to coach through a variety of scenarios that may be encountered when talking with clients about their exercise. With over ten years of experience in the wellness industry, Liz will help you navigate the struggles that come with creating and/or establishing an exercise program to further improve the wellness of your clients.

Healthy Eating and Coaching

How do you get started on healthy eating?

Healthy eating starts with learning new ways to eat, such as adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and cutting back on foods that have a lot of fat, salt, and sugar.

Most people’s lives are so busy these days, they don’t think about the health benefits of the foods they put into their mouths. Healthy eating is now something they need to consciously think about because it doesn’t come naturally anymore. As a Wellness Coach, helping clients understand the benefits and providing ways to eat healthy sometimes can be a challenge. One must also realize that to change to healthier eating also includes learning about balance, variety, and moderation. This Healthy Eating presentation will give you a kick start to directing your clients to healthier lifestyle. It just might provide some helpful information for your own personal life.

This module is taught by Mary Walinchus and Michelle Zellner. Mary is a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Fitness Instructor, as well as a triathlon and running coach for adults and kids. Michelle Zellner has her BA in Psychology and Nutrition and an MS in Kinesiology. She is an ACE Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and has taught over 200 wellness related seminars.

Life Balance

Are your clients struggling repeatedly with their healthy eating and exercise goals, yet don’t understand why? You can help them by taking a closer look at Life Balance. This course will identify why living a balanced life is key to successfully pursuing Wellness goals and creating a meaningful life. Not only will you learn how to help your clients achieve their goals that are specific to their core values, you also will be able to take advantage of the goal-setting and time management tips as well, and ensure that you too are spending your time on the most important items in your life. This course is taught by Sabryna Liddle. Sabryna is a Certified Wellness Coach, one of our Mentor Coaches, and has been a wellness coach for US Corporate Wellness since 2007.

Stress Management

This program provides participants with a “big picture” view of what it means to successfully manage stress. The presentation is chock full of valuable information, tips and clinically proven strategies that you can utilize to help both yourself and your clients cultivate a holistic stress management program that is health protective and sustainable.  Upon completion of the course participants should ideally feel increased confidence when facing a coaching conversation about stress management and have more coaching tools when discussing this important aspect of wellness.

This course is taught by Laura Henelund, M.A.  Laura has her Master’s Degree in Health Psychology and 9 years clinical experience as a biofeedback therapist (clinical stress management and relaxation specialist).  She has been involved the field of stress for over 20 years and has been dubbed “The Stress Guru” by some!.  She maintains a private stress management and relaxation training practice working with both individuals and groups.

Weight Management

Weight management, whether it be weight loss or weight maintenance, affects everyone at some point in their life. During this course, you will learn a “bring it back to basics” approach to weight management. You will be provided with coaching tools that include: easy tips and suggestions for weight loss, how to coach your clients through the various stages of weight loss, and goal setting towards your client’s temperament. This webinar is led by Sally Lanning, IC, MS in Exercise Physiology.

Financial Fitness

This program will provide you with a solid baseline of tips, tools and resources that you can utilize to help your clients improve their financial conditioning. Obviously, as wellness coaches, we must never hold ourselves out as experts in the field of finance, and this course does not change that fact. However, financial struggles are often at the top of our clients’ lists in terms of stress-inducing factors in life. This program will provide some ideas for discussion as well as a variety of resources you can reference. This course will be taught by Brad Cooper, MSPT, MBA, CWC. He is not an accountant… or an attorney…or a financial planner – and he doesn’t play one on TV. He’s just a regular guy who’s gleaned tips from parents, professors, various books and some good ol’ fashion trial and error.

Emotional Eating

Eating as a reaction to emotions is actually the root cause for the majority of all those who overeat! This course on Emotional Eating explains just how common this action is among those who overeat and why that is. You will get a better understanding of how to identify clients who may be struggling with Emotional Eating yet don’t even realize themselves that they are consuming food because of their feelings. The complexity and various degrees of Emotional Eating will be discussed, and you will gain insight on how to address the many different scenarios you will see with your clients. This course is packed full of helpful tips as well as a variety of resources for those clients who struggle with eating as a response to their emotions.

Sleep Matters – Integrating Enhancement of Sleep into Your Coaching

Insufficient sleep has been termed a “public health epidemic” by the CDC. As Wellness Coaches, we have the opportunity every day to improve this problem through working with our clients. This course will provide you with information to understand more about the causes of poor sleep, strategies to sleep better, and the signs and effects of both. It is taught by Susan McGarry, CWC. Information gathered has been through books, articles, and websites, as well as real life experience in sleep deprivation with three young children.

Coaching Tools and Techniques

This course will explore a variety of ”Coaching Tools and Techniques” that are designed to help your clients move forward in a positive and encouraging way. We will discuss Values, Identifying Beliefs, Shifting Perspectives and using Powerful Questions, which can all be used, to discover your clients’ desires on a deep, personal level. With a variety of exercises, questions and scenarios, you will be able to take these tools and apply them to your own unique coaching style and areas of expertise. Not only will you learn some effective tools to use as a coach, you may also have some fun learning about yourself too!

Exercise for a Lifetime

What are some easy ways to share basic exercise principles with our clients? How should we address questions from our older clients regarding safe exercising practices? What are realistic exercise and stretching goals for our clients as they age? This Exercise for a Lifetime webinar addresses all of these issues and more. Coaching clients on safe ways to exercise helps build good awareness, encouraging exercise lifelong. Being aware of the changes aging brings helps in coaching clients as they deal with menopause and other issues of aging. Helping clients know what to expect, the benefits of staying active and how to be effectively and safely active with age are all addressed. Viewing exercise as a lifelong journey is an outlook and approach everyone can use to build an active life now and in the future. The course is taught by Susan Marino, who has been a wellness coach for US Corporate Wellness since 2010.

Coaching Clients with Chronic Conditions

What role should you as a wellness coach play in the care of a client with a chronic condition? We will provide an overview of some of the most common conditions you will see among your clients so that you will better understand the conditions. We will also provide real life client scenarios to assist you in formulating how to best assist your clients. The conditions covered in this webinar will include the following: Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Heart Disease.

Coaching Clients on Smoking Cessation

The health risks associated with smoking and smokeless tobacco are well documented – yet becoming smoke free is a difficult challenge. In this webinar, you will explore various layers of the smoking addiction such as emotional and psychological dependency, nicotine addiction, triggers and habitual pairings, and the hand to mouth habit. In addition, you will learn practical tools such as how to address the client’s readiness for change, specific questions to use in the “quitting conversation”, and tips to helping your client become smoke free.

Laura Henelund is certified as a QuitSmart Leader and has worked with numerous clients in their journey to become smoke free during her time as a certified wellness coach with US Corporate Wellness.