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Welcome to the premier podcast for current and future health & wellness coaches!

If you’re a health and wellness coach (or considering that direction in your career), you’re well aware of vast number of “Health” or “Wellness” (and even “Coaching”) podcasts available. While often entertaining, the substance and application to your career is limited. That’s exactly why we created the Catalyst Health & Wellness Podcast. It was designed to not only be entertaining, but to also provide you with the information, resources and insights to become the best possible health & wellness coach. From the 4C’s of coaching (Competence, Credibility, Clientele and Calling) to interviews with outstanding (and engaging) guests, the Catalyst Health & Wellness Podcast provides both current and future coaches you need to expand your career and impact.

Episodes include but are far from limited to the following:

  • Interviews with experienced coaches about the ins & outs of the profession
  • Our special “Evidence Based Coaching” episodes, providing you with practical application of the latest peer reviewed research instead of simply the headlines
  • Interviews with authors about how to enhance your coaching methodology and approach
  • The latest information on (and helpful tips about) the National Health & Wellness Coach Board Exam
  • Coach-specific business building tips for those looking to grow an independent coaching practice
  • An inside (and early) look at what coaches are doing to expand their reach – and their outcomes
  • And much, much more

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